Dynamic K9-Service Dog

Josie Fowler - 8/28/2018

Matthew was diagnosed with P.T.S.D. ten years ago due his experiences while serving in Iraqi. As result he experienced "Night Terrors” and a fear of entering in darken rooms. He also is very uncomfortable in situation were crowds are involved. The solution to helping Matthew coup with these problems, was a service dog.

Josh Smith the owner/operator of Dynamic K-9 solutions was contracted by Auxiliary President Josie Fowler to train a dog for Matthew. It took a couple of tries to find the perfect canine for this important job. Finally, "Sam” was selected, and the intense training began. Mr. Smith gave us over a 50% veteran discount for the training of Sam and Matthew. In addition, Dynamic K-9 Solutions, will provide a lifetime of assistance for the Veteran and Servicer Dog team as needed.

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 Sam will be trained to do specific task for Matthew to help ease the strain that PTSD. For example, Sam is being trained to cut on a light in a room and then sweep the room and come back to Matthew to let him know it is safe to enter. Sam has also been trained to block for Matthew. "Block" is a word used to describe the act of walking in front of Matthew to disperse a crowd which eases the anxiety of walking through a crowd. Sam has recently started learning how to recognize a night terror and wake Matthew from his slumber.

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