"Leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance".
-J. Donald Walters


Kevin Daniel

Commander - Navy

Ron Luppens

Senior Vice Commander - Army

Stephen Graffin

Junior Vice Commander - Army

Kevin Hammond

Quartermaster - Army

Clinton Childers

Chaplan - Navy

Robert (Buddy) Clark

1Yr. Trustee - Marines

Ronald Campbell

2 Yr. Trustee - Navy

Ronald (Kevin) Pugh

3 yr. Trustee - Army

Charles Britt

Service Officer - Army

Ron Luppens

Judge Advocate - Army

David Thrasher

Surgeon - Army

Kevin Hammond

Adjutant - Army

Troy Sparks

Sargent at Arms/ O.D. - Air Force

Richard Callahan

Public Relation Officer - Army